Re: RP modeling of food/medicine products

Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 18:29:10 EET

FYI: 3D Keltool technology routinely creates inserts for customers who use it
to mold chocolate - just one of the many commercially proven uses of the 3D
Keltool process (injection molding, die casting are two more).

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> A few years ago we used SLA to make a visual prototype of a "Freddo Frog".
> Freddo Frog is a chocolate snack in the shape of a frog character (an
> Australian favourite). We also had to do the 3D CAD solid modelling from
> artist 2D impression. After our clients approved the SLA master model, we
> then made a silicone tool and cast several "real" chocolate samples.
> Great thing about RP and food is that you get to ask for samples before the
> project... and the make your own samples after the project...!
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