Backfilling Copper Polyamide mold inserts

Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 13:49:33 EET

Hello List,

I´m from a company in Brazil, and we´re starting to produce mold inserts
with the new DTM´s Copper Polyamide material.
I´d like to know if someone use Ciba RP 4036 R / RP 1511 H , or other epoxy
filled aluminium resin to backfill Copper PA mold inserts.
Ciba recommends a postcure of 2 hours at 150 C for RP 4036. I wonder if it
could cause the inserts to warp, or damage them. What do you think about
What material do you use to backfill the inserts? Is there any problem if I
don´t make the postcure?


Rodrigo Britto Maria
Multibrás S.A. Eletrodomésticos
Whirlpool Corporation

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