binary STL format

From: Nemeth Karoly MEE (Nemeth.Karoly@DRAEXLMAIER.DE)
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 16:05:58 EET

Hello List,

I write a software, wich should be capable to read and alter STL files. At
the moment it can read only the ASCII STL, but that is slow and painfull.
Could anyone give me a detailed description of the data structure of the
binary STL format? I would try to recreate the appropriate format.

Thanks in advance:

Karoly Nemeth
Németh Károly MEE Bt.
Csoportvezető gépészmérnök Dräxlmaier Cégcsoport
Utastér Fejlesztés H-2030 Érd, Turul u. 10.
Tel.: +36/23 521-063 Fax.: +36/23 521-051

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