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Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 19:09:37 EET

Hello "RP-ers",

I'm looking for some information and a colleague of mine recommended this
mailing list. Excuse me if these are old questions or common knowledge to
you all; I've only been added to the list yesterday....

Can anyone tell me:

-An estimation of how many people work in the RP, world-wide or in one
particular country?

-An estimation of the amount of money that revolves in the RP machine
producing business (again world-wide or in one particular country)

-What at the moment the maximum measurements of RP models are that can be
made (EOS,DTM?)

Maybe I even dare ask about a related topic, one never knows...:

Can anyone tell me, again world-wide or in one particular country :

-How many milling devices are sold / how many people work in that branche /
any numbers concerning money-flows?

-How many people / companies mill big moulds (say carbumper-size and bigger)

Well this were quite a lot of questions, hopefully you're not bored yet. But
I have good hopes.

Greetings from a rainy Holland:

Bart Kooijmans, B.Sc.
Prototyping Engineer Phone: +31
15 2608 729
Production Development Division Fax: +31 15 2608
Oostsingle 209, P.O. Box 5073 E-mail:
2600 GB Delft, the Netherlands

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

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