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Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 21:20:43 EET

Steven Pollack wrote:
> As we take this class in 3D solid modeling using FormZ, I am awed by the
> multitude of tools and tool modifiers. I had a thought this morning that I
> wanted to share. I was thinking about how one develops skills and expertise
> with tools only after a lifetime of use. It is one thing to cover each tool
> in a class and complete a few projects but proficiency only comes after
> multiple use and deadline stress. But as I applied this to CAD, I realized
> that within five years, the tools will probably have changed drastically.

Dear Steven and list,

The kinesthetic quality of physical models is of great importance to me.
One of the reasons that vr and working in cad is so unsatisfactory is
that missing kinesthetic quality. Thats one of the reasons I love rp so
much. I can see it and feel it and let it sit around and think about it
etc.,. And I have the more abstract methods of working in CAD. All of
the tools that a good program has are real world building metaphors.
With a couple of noteable exceptions, and with the addition of some non
real tools (snap to face line segment, other modifiers) all is based
upon the accumulated skills of the history of construction in culture.

I would like to see Digital clay. This is very promising, people are
working on it. What I mean is this: Whatever I do in the CAD program
manifests itself directly and immediately in the physical model.
Whatever I do to the physical model manifests itself directly in the
cad. Claymation to the extreme. This way, one has the best of both
worlds, the kinesthetic and the optical.

The only problem with all these future scenarios is the question of
whether they will work. Sure there's research here and there, but hey,
on a bad day my computer doesn't give me any of the results I"m looking
for. I'm everyday more suspiscious of the sales pitch and the sure
claims of what will be.


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