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Paul and List:
Preston wrote a great textbook (Developing Products in Half the Time) which
can be purchased from (the last I checked). It was co-authored
with Don Reinertsen. I would highly suggest this is a text that belongs on
everyone's desk - an NO, I don't get a commission on it! From one colleague
to another - get it!

Also, he has a web site at:

Hope it helps!

Brad Fox
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> Thanks for the comment. One quick question. How can I get more
>info on Preston Smith and his thoughts on this subject?
>Paul Hanna
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>Rapid Prototyping Project Lead
>Cessna Aircraft Company
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>> Elaine and List:
>> The justification method is not bent toward any one machine. It's real
>> purpose is to stimulate companies and organizations to examine what the
>> true
>> impact of RP can be on their business...if only they take the time to
>> thoroughly examine it!
>> Preston Smith is the master on this topic (getting companies to examine
>> NPD). His work ....
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