Re: ATTN: Ray Brandes on Linear Programming

From: Ray Brandes (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 14:48:54 EET

Thanks for the reply. Now I think I understand what LP is. My next question is
Don't you need accurate results from each choice in order for the program to
determine the outcome? If you do have accurate results, why do you need the
Perhaps a small (simple) example of the inputs would help clairify my puzlement.

Regards, Ray

Monica & Glenn Whiteside wrote:

> Ray:
> Linear Programming or just "LP" is a powerful tool using systems of linear
> equations (matrices and vectors) and various algorithms such as the simplex
> algorithm for solving optimization problems. There is an objective function
> consisting of various decision variables which are subject to certain
> constraints which is solved for to determine a maximum (usually revenue or
> profit) or minimum (usually costs) or a combination or balance of both. It

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