Re: progress?

Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 16:51:32 EET

>Additionally, some new engineering grads have never drafted on a drafting

The only place on campus that I even saw a drafting board was in the
industrial design department. (I took the freshman/sophomore cirriculum)

Even more significant: Most mechanical engineers from Georgia Tech (and
probably other 'upper tier' engineering colleges) never really learn how to
dimension (or tolerance) a part....electronicly or otherwise. If I hadn't
spent summers working in a machine shop I would have been lost in the real

CAD is an elective.

Machine shop practice is not even available as an elective (hence the job
working summers in a shop).

-Brian MSME GATech '97

*** Brian VanHiel - Mech. Eng. - Nordson Corp - ***

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