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Why is it that these important, basic, and general things are not being taught
to engineering students. Its seems to me that these are skill needed in nearly
any job a mechanical engineer would go into. In many companies I see today the
mechanical engineers are sitting at the CAD terminal. The because of design
packages like PRO - E the job of the drafter has been molded into the
mechanical engineers job.
I see many other classes that would be more useful to a mechanical engineers
then calculus 3. What is mechanical engineers degree really for?
To teach you how be a mechanical engineer.
To prepare you for a job in the field.
An expensive way to learn vast quantities of math.

I see many highly qualified mechanical engineers being hired because of their
degree to do the job of a drafter/designer. Something they only took 1 or 2
classes for. wrote:

> >Additionally, some new engineering grads have never drafted on a drafting
> board.
> The only place on campus that I even saw a drafting board was in the
> industrial design department. (I took the freshman/sophomore cirriculum)
> Even more significant: Most mechanical engineers from Georgia Tech (and
> probably other 'upper tier' engineering colleges) never really learn how to
> dimension (or tolerance) a part....electronicly or otherwise. If I hadn't
> spent summers working in a machine shop I would have been lost in the real
> world.
> CAD is an elective.
> Machine shop practice is not even available as an elective (hence the job
> working summers in a shop).
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