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Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 21:15:51 EET

Elaine, "Food for thought..."
        Great examples Elaine. I'm going to share it with my children. As
I read them, I was reminded of a time passed when I would visit a 94 year
old friend of mine while I attended college. Clela told me about the time
she traveled from Wichita, KS. to near Tulsa, Ok. in a wagon with her
family. She was about seven years old and the 200 mile trip took around
three weeks. Now, about four generations later, the trip takes three and a
half hours by car. The comparison is staggering. My children will never
know how adventurous she made the trip sound or what it might have been
like. On the other hand, what adventures are instore for our children?
What kind of new and exciting things will they think of and what kind of
stories will they have to tell?

"Food for thought...."

Paul Hanna
Tool Engineering
Cessna Aircraft Company

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