Re: RP tools can model human figures?

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 00:29:28 EET


>Ricardo Silva wrote:
>> Can you tell me if Rapid Prototyping (RP) devices like the Stratasys
>> "Genisys" have already been used to sculpt detailed human figures? Are
>> these machines capable of reproducing a small-sized proportional scuplture
>> of an adult in a standing position, with enough detail (like perceivable
>> eyes)?

The Genisys machine will NOT produce the level of detail you are asking for.
The nozzle (tip) on Genisys is .013 inch which will be the feature size
limitation. The layer thickness (each slice) is 0.014 inch. The result is a
very rough model.

In comparison, the Actua 2100 3D Printer has a feature size limitation of
just one of it's jets, equal to .003 inch and layer thickness of .0015 -
nearly 10x better than Genisys.

We have built many sculptures with high degree of detail. What's more, the
part has a high wax content so that you can easily do some final sculpting.


Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

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