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Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 17:35:21 EET

Yep, my Dad is a old time tool and die maker, and made many of the parts on
the NASA rockets, capsules and lunar rover, all without CAD, CAM, and most
automation that is standard today. I took him to the Cape about 15 years
ago, and he could point out which parts were his in the Saturn rockets,
etc., and could ID each part by the inspection number that each part was
required to have.

My grandmother told me stories about living in Missouri and living through
Cantrell's Raider's, the nightriders, and the "antihorse thief associations"
of the day which were lynch mobs. All men, all races, had to hide in the
barn under the floor, under the hay else they would be killed. She once
shot a man trying to rob them off his horse, (circumstances were unclear why
he was robbing them,) during the late 1890s. The Missouri, Oklahoma, and
Arkansas Ozarks was a wild and mostly lawless area then.

My Dad was alive during the seldom talked about march on the State Captiol
in Oklahoma by a mob determined to lynch the governor. (For $200 dollars,
would the gov would release anyone from prison ...)

So much of history is lost on new grads, and I'm not that old!

In manufacturing, we forget that
-parts are still being turned out by machine shops without the use of CAD,
-that vocational training fed much of the manufacturing sector in the
Midwest for years,
-and believe that all development will stop without the use of technical aids.

B. J. Arnold-Feret

>We can live without all this progress...
>Recently I was at the Warner-Robins Air Museum here in Georgia. They
>have a cut-a-way 36 cylinder 4-row radial engine that is used in the
>B-29 Bomber. This was designed with pencil, paper and slide rule. I need
>to get a good photo of this and caption it: "Done without CAD"
>-Ray Brandes
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