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We have built a wide range of scanned parts on 3D Systems SLA 250, Sanders MM6-PRO / MM-II and Helisys LOM 1015 / 2030 systems.

These parts range from life-size human heads through to replicas of ancient artistic artefacts, sculptures, figurines, etc. Mostly these were captured using non-contact scanning systems for obvious reasons.

A full size LOM / SLA head, for example, has reasonably good "as built" definition at 0.1mm layers, (built in the same orientation as the scan) and this can obviously be improved with skilled finishing work if necessary.

One interesting project was the building of a 2" high model of a human head using the Sanders process, where the 0.0005" layer thickness meant we could build the head face up on the machine with no appreciable adverse effect on the resolution of the facial features. Down facing surfaces were not a problem, due to the separate support material used in the process.

We then duplicated this Sanders master in bronze (investment casting) wax (precision rubber tooling) rigid and flexible PU, ceramic (silicon tooling / vac. casting) EPDM rubber, TPE and assorted production thermoplastics (LIPTOOL Process) to illustrate the materials conversion process.

We also located a food grade moulding material and cast chocolate, jelly and toffee versions for an internal Open Day event, which was fun.

Do you have a particular build size in mind? The full body scanner system from Cyberware may prove a useful starting point for any scanning enquiries.

Hope this info. is of use.



Ricardo Silva wrote:
> Can you tell me if Rapid Prototyping (RP) devices like the Stratasys
> "Genisys" have already been used to sculpt detailed human figures? Are
> these machines capable of reproducing a small-sized proportional scuplture
> of an adult in a standing position, with enough detail (like perceivable
> eyes)?
> The end result would be a small size human statue (like a small Ancient
> Greece non-naked statue :-)
> I'd really appreciate if you can tell me if you are aware of
> artists/companies doing this right now.
> Many thanks for your time and knowledge.
> Best regards,
> Ricardo Silva

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