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Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 23:11:25 EET

Nick, Ricardo and other rp'ers,

Scansite has scanned many human heads, chests, hands, arms, full bodies,
etc. using our scanners. You can get fairly good definition for both CNC and
RP. It's not the method you would use for high tolerance rp parts, but it's
pretty amazing for people! The normal resolution for the head scanner is
.7mm. We also have proprietory methods and software for doubling the
resolution one can obtain from scanning heads. One thing to remember with
head scanning is that you end up with webbing behind the ears because of the
way you have to scan a live subject. Normally, for film work, etc., that
part is edited in some other package such as Alias to correct that.

Whole body scans can also be reverse engineered, but the definition on
hands, feet and head is not that great. Normal resolution from whole body
scans is .5mm. The movie industry usually scans a whole body, then the head
of the same person, and places the head back on the body to get better
results. Hands and feet always have to be edited.

The answer to your last question is yes, the garmet industry is starting to
scan live subjects to mill out dress forms that are shaped like real people
instead of Barbie. The Air Force and NASA use whole body scanning to make
space suits and high speed flight suits custom for their pilots. We also
work with several artists that are using scanning to scale up and down
sculpture of all kinds. The market is definately growing in many industries!

Your welcome to contact me directly if you would like some contacts or have

Regards, Lisa Federici
                           "Scanning the world and back again!"
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