Re: Search for model/prototyping shops

Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 08:11:15 EET

Sure, Phil, sorry I didn't give more information. I'm interested in locating
OEMs (non-service bureau companies) that have model shops & in-house
prototyping capabilities. I'm trying to understand how many companies have
dedicated shops (how many companies understand and embrace the need to
prototype in-house). Besides the Association of Professional Model Makers, I
was hoping to learn how I might determine this information. I also thought
that perhaps companies that sell RTV (silicone rubber mold making equipment
and materials) would be able to help me define this group.

Any other ideas?


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> I suppose that if you require this information you need to be up front
> with what you are looking for. Most people like to help, but you do
> need to be open with your requirements

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