3D Systems Tooling Engineer Opening in Hong Kong

From: Dockstader, Lee (DockstaderL@3DSystems.com)
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 12:11:32 EET

Dear RP-ML,

3D Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: TDSC) provides solid imaging products and services
that allow users to move quickly from 3D design to finished parts. The
company's systems -- through patented stereolithography and 3D printing
technologies -- fabricate solid objects from digital input, substantially
cutting the time and costs of bringing new products to market. 3D Systems
was founded in 1986, and established the Asia Pacific Headquarters in Hong
Kong in 1997 and is seeking to hire a TOOLING ENGINEER.

This position will entail understanding customer's product development
requirements as it relates to prototyping and tooling from the initial
concept phase through production tooling. The tooling consultant will help
the sales teams with pilot projects, benchmarks and post sales customer
education on rapid tooling applications for the entire Asia Pacific Region.
Extensive USA based training will be provided on rapid prototyping and rapid
tooling techniques as well as ongoing professional training as necessary.
Please send resume with SALARY HISTORY to: 3D Systems, Inc., Attn: Mr.
Dockstader, 9-11 Leighton Road #2001, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong or fax to +852
2574-4200 (email: DockstaderL@3DSystems.com. More info can be found at

Qualified candidates must possess:
( Written and spoken English / Cantonese and spoken Putonghua (Mandarin)
( MS Office proficient
( Minimum 5 years experience designing tooling
( Degree Holder
( 3D Solid Modeling CAM / CAM experience
( Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling experience a plus but not mandatory

Thank you for your consideration,

Lee Dockstader
Managing Director, Asia Pacific Operations
3D Systems Inc.
+852 2923-5022 ph

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