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From: Brian Kissel (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 17:21:11 EET

Hello Gary,

You might be interested in, which
includes a fairly extensive set of linkages related to 3D scanning,
surfacing, and digital content creation.

Feel free to contact Paraform directly if you have any additional questions
relating to 3D scanning and surface modeling.


Brian Kissel

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Gary A. Fudge
Sent: Friday, February 26, 1999 11:00 AM
Subject: 3D scanners and digitizers

Hello all,

I am trying to compile a list of organizations and service bureaus who
utilize 3D scanners and digitizers for reverse engineering, rapid
prototyping, documentation and computer graphics applications. Does such a
list already exist?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Gary A. Fudge
Sales Manager
Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.
(770) 619-9182

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