Re: Another Regulation?????

From: Craig S. Whitaker (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 17:50:01 EET

I am wondering about this:

Friday, Feb. 26th, the FCC ruled that essentially all internet dialup calls
are long distance. Is this going to have an impact on our access cost? Are
we going to be charged for our dial up accounts? I believe the potential is
there (the technology certainly is available to do it).

However, the phone companies also are aware of the fierce competition cable
companies bring to their market. Even now, Bell Atlantic is working on
becoming a full service provider.. cable, phone, internet, etc.... and they
have the resources to provide curbside fiber.

I have also learned of a new laser based signal delivery system that
eliminates the need for inline power transformers, increasing two way
bandwidth, with better clarity and less line distortion. This would be a
"hub system" where the primary signal would enter a neighborhood on a fiber
"trunk" line, then be fed to individual homes within a specified distance
from the hub. There are cable companies already working on this ... plus,
they are positioning themselves to become involved in phone services also.

I believe that with these types of services, long distance will become a
non-issue, because we will be purchasing blanket type of plans, where all
our communications needs are purchased from one source. If there is a long
distance charge, it won't be per "call", but will be embedded in the package
This could bring the "total" consumer cost down from the present, where we
have to purchase phone service, cable service, and internet access service

This is the "wired" vision I see coming in the next couple of years.

Craig S. Whitaker
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