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From: Justin R. Kidder (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 18:03:14 EET

I've never seen this particular software, but this class of software
(using volume rendering on CT/MR scans) has been around for years in the
academic/research circles, with a few early commercial packages. Problem
is, volume rendering is a pretty computationally intensive task, and older
computers had trouble "keeping up" with the demands of the users. It
sounds like Vital Images is exploiting faster, cheaper computing pretty
well. The Volume Visualization FAQ is a good resource to see what's out
there--can't remember the address, but a search on Lycos should bring it

As far as using it for a fabber, you'd still need some way to get the raw
data (volume visualization works on raw grayscale voxel data, not a
segmentation of the data, like Materialise does, afaik) to an STL
file--certainly not impossible, but I don't know if this particular
company supports it. They might want to think about it, though--medical
imaging data isn't just for visualization anymore...

Goodbye film, hello 3D imaging!

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On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Marshall Burns wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with this software described at
> Sounds like
> a cool adjunct to a fabber.
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