ISO and Quotation Procedure

From: Marlene Mendoza (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 10:11:15 EET

The manufacturing center where I work at wants to get the ISO 900X
certification. I am the one who has to write all the procedures that
have to be followed in order to get a prototype (from the client's
purchase order to the finished and delivered prototype). I ran into a
problem when I tried to state how a prototype is priced. What we
actually do is just think about a "reasonable" price and settle it, but
ISO won't accept that. There HAS to be a procedure. So I want to ask the

*Does anyone know the correct way to price(to quote,to value)an RP?

*Have you heard from an RP lab that has an ISO certification?

Thank you.

Marlene Mendoza

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