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Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 13:02:41 EET

I will attempt to provide an answer to your questions, but as with all
issues relating to ISO 900x it is likely to be a lengthy reply.

Rover Group is certified to ISO 9001/1401 Quality & Environmental
standards and I am the process co-ordinator for our 'Rapid Prototyping
& Tooling' facility

Procedures & Work instructions, for ISO 900x are there to reflect on
how we conduct our business and carry out our daily routines. They are
usually in the form of text or flowcharts etc. They are created by the
people who carry out the tasks (who better), using 'quality tools' such
as flow charting, brainstorming, checklists, pareto etc. to establish
the best method of carrying out the work.

During creation, they are challenged to make sure that all activity is
based upon quality actions, adding value to the process and removing
waste in the activity. These work instructions are reviewed annually.
Not only to make sure we are still doing things in the same way, but to
capture any improvements that have been made during the last 12 months.

Now relating to your other question about the correct way to "Price a
job". There is no 'correct' way, but there is often a better way. If
you have had an input from all of the people who are likely to come
into contact with this process and taken their views into account you
will capture all of the good ideas and almost certainly have removed
the elements that lead to inconsistency or give you ambiguous outcomes.
Every one will have had a chance to 'buy in' and are likely to use it
consistently. This is the output required to satisfy ISO 900x.

Phil Price
Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
Rover Group

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The manufacturing center where I work at wants to get the ISO 900X
certification. I am the one who has to write all the procedures that
have to be followed in order to get a prototype (from the client's
purchase order to the finished and delivered prototype). I ran into a
problem when I tried to state how a prototype is priced. What we
actually do is just think about a "reasonable" price and settle it, but
ISO won't accept that. There HAS to be a procedure. So I want to ask

*Does anyone know the correct way to price(to quote,to value)an RP?

*Have you heard from an RP lab that has an ISO certification?

Thank you.

Marlene Mendoza

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