Surface finishing

From: Vincent Chin (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 08:44:34 EET

Hi, I am doing my own research with very little experience currently. I
will appreciate your help if you could provide me with some information
or rather recommendations on the surface finishing of the SLS products.
Surface finish is quite important for me as I make SLS master model for
silicone molding. I would like to know a kind of paint or liquid giving
me a good surface finishes. The liquid should not react with silicone
preventing from curing

Or if there is any other ways to obtain a good finish surface with good
mechanical properties, I am looking forwards to it. One of my best
solutions is to try any kinds of infiltration. Currently I am using
Protoform? Composite material (LNC7000) from DTM and infiltrate with
True form polyurethane mixture recommended by DTM. However, the result
is still not very good though the infiltraant improves the chemical
resistance of LNC7000 materials. These takes me time if the part is huge
or complex. Small, internal part features such as small pins and thin
walls have to be careful. I prefer techniques that do not require wet
sanding after the filtration.

My main aim is to improve the physical and mechanical properties of SLS
products. Of course, I wish to improve these both properties at the same
time. If not, the surface finish is the top priority.

Lastly, will temperature affect the accuracy?
What are the requirements for a good surface finishing?

Any queries please donít hesitate to email back to me

Looking forwards to receive your reply.

Thanks and best Regards!
Vincent Chin

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