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On Mar 3, 4:05pm, Evans, Paul wrote:
Our SIP(Substrate Impregnation Process) can coat substrates with zirconium.
It looks just like 24 karat gold! Up to 2 microns in thickness. Surface finish
is neither enhanced or destroyed - i.e. need good surface finish for high
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> Subject: Plating
> I have a need to gold plate some plastic parts (nylon 6/6) for a
> presentation to upper management from our development team. Has anyone had
> experience doing this, or know of a source in the US for this type of
> service. I know that some plastic parts can be plated, particularly in
> automotive applications, but I have never seen plastic parts that have been
> gold plated. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
> Paul Evans
> Manufacturing Engineer
> Siemens and Furnas Controls
> Siemens Energy and Automation
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