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Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 04:18:02 EET


Thanks for the info. We no longer use this web site. The copy that is
at this address is just an old archive copy. Lone Peak Engineering,
Inc. exists now as a corporate entity that actually holds a group of
separate business activities that include:

Javelin - a 3D Presentation Studio
The Hot Zone: Specialty sintering (firing) of high-tech materials
Legal Models - Litigation directed support services
Spart Parts - Bioceramic medical reconstructions

Somehow we keep getting hits on this old Lone Peak site. Don't use it
- instead go to Javelin's site at

>I happened upon your web site and noticed that the word "Beginning" is
>misspelled (you have it as "Begining"). The URL of the page is:


Alair Griffin

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