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think3 Sponsors Yahoo-Like Portal for Mechanical Designers;
http://www.3zone.com Brings Together Worldwide Community of 3 Million-Plus
Designers (Business Wire; 03/03/99)

BURLINGAME, CALIF. (March 3) BUSINESS WIRE -March 3, 1999--Mechanical
computer aided design (MCAD) upstart, think3, today announced that the
company is sponsoring http://www.3zone.com, a Yahoo-like portal for the
worldwide community of mechanical designers.

3zone.com has tons of links to news, news archives, questions and answer
sections, plus newsgroups, bulletin boards, graphics and articles. It's the
first on-line meeting place where mechanical designers can exchange ideas
with their peers, quickly gather information regarding the latest hardware
and software products, and peruse news and opinion offered by experts in
the multi- billion-dollar mechanical computer-aided design automation

Mechanical designers work in a wide variety of businesses, creating all the
physical objects surrounding us in our daily lives (everything imaginable,
from cars to tennis shoes to washing machines to engine parts).

"The explosion of the Internet today is proof that people want a sense of
community -- a way to share knowledge, ideas and information about things
they have in common," says think3 Chairman and CEO Joe Costello. "It's no
different in the world of mechanical design, an industry that involves more
than 3 million people in literally thousands of different businesses.

"3zone.com provides a common platform for communication that's driven by
designers, for designers with active participation by the media, industry
and financial analysts, hardware and software vendors, and professional
organizations. Ultimately, we anticipate that 3zone.com will become a
one-stop- shop for the business, professional and technical information
needs for mechanical designers everywhere. We also expect that it will
become a central location for sharing and storing commonly needed reference
materials -- and even designs."

The new 3zone.com portal was announced today at a press conference in
Burlingame, Calif., where think3 outlined its inventive business strategy
and unveiled new 3-D design software that, together, promise to completely
revolutionize the $6 billion mechanical CAD software industry. (See today's
BusinessWire news release titled "Joe Costello-led Upstart, think3, Targets
Millions of 2-D Designers with Powerful, Affordable 3-D Software That's Fun
to Learn & Easy to Use") 3zone.com: A Forum for the Entire MCAD Industry

think3 welcomes broad participation from all members of the mechanical
computer aided design industry. With the launch of 3zone.com, think3 is
actively seeking input directly from visitors to the site on what features
and enhancements would be most useful in building the on-line community.
Starting today, MCAD industry members can submit links and information
directly for posting to the site.

For a six-month period, any company interested in becoming co-sponsor can
do so free of charge, affording them the opportunity to do banner
advertising on the site and to participate in other promotional activities.

For additional information regarding 3zone.com, contact
kara.kerker@thinkthree.com. About think3

think3(TM) is a privately-held upstart company that produces software for
designing common, everyday physical objects, ranging from home appliances,
children's safety products and engine parts to boutique home accessories
and custom cars, to name a few.

Under the direction of Chairman and CEO Joe Costello, think3 is taking a
consumer marketing approach to establishing brand recognition for its 3-D
design software and making it easy to use and entertaining to learn. The
company is also leveraging the power of the Internet in all aspects of its
business, ranging from customer care, VAR partner programs and e-commerce
to sponsorship of http://www.3zone.com, a Yahoo-like Internet service for
mechanical designers.

With think3, customers get the power of high-end 3-D mechanical design
software packages from Dassault Systems (NASDAQ: DASTY), Parametric
Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:PMTC) and Structural Dynamics Research Corp.
(NASDAQ: SDRC) at a fraction of the price - and at an even lower cost than
traditional low-end 2-D packages such as AutoCAD from Autodesk

think3 products are sold through a growing worldwide network of
distributors and VARs. Among the company's top customers are Alessi, Buell
Motorcycles (a division of Harley-Davidson), Candy/Hoover, Dinan, Mercedes
and Peugeot Citreon Automobile (PCA). think3 is headquartered in Santa
Clara, Calif., with engineering centered in Bologna, Italy. For more
information about think3, visit the company's new web site at
http://wwwthinkthree.com. For more MCAD industry information, check out
http://www.3zone.com, sponsored by think3.

think3 and thinkdesign are trademarks of think3. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners

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