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Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 14:36:11 EET

At Thursday 4-03-99, Phil Price wrote:
>Has anyone considered it is the ISP systems and software that adds the
>attachments in most cases. I have been asked before about 'why do I
>send attachments' but this is often outside the control of the user.
>So - please don't shoot the messenger,

No question of shooting the messenger, and no offence meant as well.
Just a warning:
either you just accept that you message will not be read by part of the
or you look for other email software that does behave like it should (or press
your IT department to do so).

>P.S. This message was sent as a plain e-mail. If it has an attachment -
>I'm afraid that's tough!

This one came through without any attachment, and in 100 % pure ASCII.

>Phil Price
>Rover Group

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