Re: Attachments

From: Wayne L Foss (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 15:41:52 EET

I have to agree with Phil. Most of the e-mail my wife sends to me from her
home office has an attachment which is just a copy of the same message.
However, none of Phils messages has come to me with an attachment.

Wayne on 03/04/99 04:08:52 AM

Subject: Attachments

Has anyone considered it is the ISP systems and software that adds the
attachments in most cases. I have been asked before about 'why do I
send attachments' but this is often outside the control of the user.

So - please don't shoot the messenger,

P.S. This message was sent as a plain e-mail. If it has an attachment -
I'm afraid that's tough!


Phil Price
Rover Group

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