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Dear RP-ML,

    On February 13, Michael Rees posted a message here referring to the Web
site of Douglas J. Bucci, an art student at Temple University. The site
exhibits several artistic sculptures and utilitarian items designed and made
by Bucci by a variety of techniques, including additive fabricators (SLA and
SLS). I responded with some excitement about the taste of the future given
by this Web site. This led to an impassioned debate among RP-ML veterans
Rees, Steven Pollack, and Brock Hinzmann about the role of art in society
and how it could be impacted by the use of fabbers. The debate inadvertently
carried on for a time in private, but then was brought to the public list
again and attracted some comments from other list subscribers. I believe
this debate was one of the high points of the RP-ML, and I have collected
the messages in the debate and posted them on the Ennex Web site with the
permission of the authors.

    Please go to to have a

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