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Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 22:45:53 EET

Dear Marshall Burns and all,
Sometimes we get the summarized information and some times not. It is a
good prectice to let others know what one gained from the list. But at
times, the person might be busy or otherwise do not feel like to wirte a

It will be really nice if one can summarize. We all will appreciate it.

A D Bhatt

At 06:55 AM 3/4/99 -0800, Marshall Burns wrote:
>>I thank all the people who e-mailed me about conversion of files from CT to
>Dear Mr. Amorini,
> It is one of the "netiquette" traditions of a mailing list like this for
>people to post a summary of responses received to their questions, excluding
>confidential replies of course. I'm sure many of the people here would be
>interested in what you learned. You can either summarize the responses in
>your own words, or post a collection of the actual text of the replies.
> Speaking of this tradition, I will shortly be posting a collection of
>the "CHECK THIS OUT" debate started by Michael Rees and me a few weeks ago.
>Because the debate was so long, I am setting it up on our Web site and will
>just post a link on this list.
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