Problem With 250/50

From: francois (
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 02:30:25 EET

Hello All.

One of our SLA250/50 is having problems with the leveling system.
On starting a build the leveling adjusts but the "counter" stays at -2,
says that "no manual adjustment necessary" even if there is no resin in
the vat.
This means that the build crashes as it does not know where its level
I suspect the laser diode and or the PCBA, Bi-cell sensor.
This has also made me think how when the level of the resin is either to
(laser completely off the Bi-cell sensor), or to low (laser completely
off the
Bi-cell sensor) the machine knows where the level is??? What measures
Has any one had a problem similar to this or know where I can buy the
above parts from. (I do realize 3DSystems)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.....

Adrian Burleigh
General Manager

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