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                                                                Manufacturing Engineer &
                                                        Rapid Prototyping Engineer
                                                                                Boston, MA

Molecular Geodesics, Inc., is a rapidly growing start up company specializing
in using biologically inspired design principles to engineer novel structures,
devices and materials. The company was founded in 1996 and currently has many
exciting corporate alliances as well as a world class group of scientific
advisors. We are conveniently located in Boston, MA, with easy access to
Route 93. Please see our web site for more information. (www.molec- for more information.

Manufacturing Engineer

You will be responsible for:
Design and develop methods for RP manufacturing processes, set up and conduct
tests of complete units under operational conditions to obtain data for
development, standardization and QC. Also work with mfg. team to write and
submit proposals and develop transition plans from pilot to full scale
We are looking for someone with:
BSMFG ENG,BSMEor MFG. TECH., CAD/CAM experience, SLA and RP knowledge, plus
3-5 yrs. manufacturing engineering exp. and enjoys working with many projects
and collaborators.

Rapid Prototyping Technician

You will be responsible for:
Process STL files using SLA, build rubber molds and wax prototypes for
investment casting, support development of samples to meet development and
customer requirements.
Your experience should include:
SLA knowledge, 1 to 3 years tech experience within a manufacturing prototyping
environment, experience with rubber moldings and investment castings and
desire to work with a small exciting group of professionals working on many
diverse cutting edge projects.

MGI offers a competitive salary and benefits program including equity. Please
forward resume and cover letter to T. Morrison.
Contact: T. Morrison
Fax: (617) 427-1234
Mail: Molecular Geodesics, Inc.
                20 Hampden Street
                Boston, MA 02119

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