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Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 11:26:08 EET

You could try using parts made from Nylon or Duraform materials using
the SLS process. I have tried these with some success but they are not
quite as strong as molded Nylon parts and flatness over large areas can
be a problem. However, SLS Duraform parts have the closest properties to
molded Nylon and if you need living hinge flexibilty then it is the
process to use.

If you need medium flexibility, I recommend the SLA process using
Dupont's Somos 8120 formula. It has good snap in qualities and is much
tougher than the normal brittle SLA materials. Parts made this way are
usually more accurate than SLS Nylon or Duraform, but they are also not
as strong as molded Nylon. The only other drawback of the Somos 8120 I
found so far is when you try to press in threaded inserts you must do it
without heating the inserts. I usually heat the insets with a soldering
iron to insert them into Nylon or Duraform SLS parts. If you do this
with the Somos 8120 material it can become brittle and crack. However
the material is quite tough and pressing inserts in without heat works
well as long as the hole is the recommended size for the insert.

If you need living hinge flexibility, then I would recommend SLS

>Paul Lasman wrote:
> A customer has requested the following:
> >Do you know of anyone who can make plastic/nylon prototypes? I need a part
> >made for an actual customer and the SLA is too brittle for the part's
> >function.
> Thanks.
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