Rapid Technologies for Plastic Tooling

From: Leeann Starr Lane (StarLee@sme.org)
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 22:54:45 EET

Rapid Technologies for Plastic Tooling
June 23/24, 1999
Minneapolis, MN
Open Call for All

This program will bring in to focus the relationship between
manufacturing and tooling. Staying competitive in the mold/tool area
means facing new challenges in data transfer, mold design, delivery
times and other areas that will be addressed at this two day multi
speaker event. All spaces are limited. If you have a case study or
technology you would like to present, or you would like to exhibit at
the one day (June 23) tabletop reception or would like information on
early registration contact me as listed below.
*There will also be a one day workshop for Reverse Engineering
Technologies on June 22, 1999!

K. Leeann Starr Lane
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
(313)271-1500, ext.2126

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