Rapid Technologies for Plastic Tooling

From: Leeann Starr Lane (StarLee@sme.org)
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 23:09:22 EET

>Rapid Technologies for Plastic Tooling
>June 23/24, 1999
>Minneapolis, MN
>Open Call for All
>This program will bring in to focus the relationship between manufacturing
>and tooling. Staying competitive in the mold/tool area means facing new
>challenges in data transfer, mold design, delivery times and other areas that
>will be addressed at this two day multi speaker event. All spaces are
>limited. If you have a case study or technology you would like to present,
>or you would like to exhibit at the one day (June 23) tabletop reception or
>would like information on early registration contact me as listed below.
>*There will also be a one day workshop for Reverse Engineering Technologies
>on June 22, 1999!
>K. Leeann Starr Lane
>Society of Manufacturing Engineers
>(313)271-1500, ext.2126

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