SLA-500, heat exchangers

Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 00:55:54 EET

Dear list,

Please check your heat exchanger.

It has come to our attention that there are several problems
concerning the Laser Pure heat exchangers on the SLA-500 machines:

1) The Coherent "Laser Pure 20" heat exchangers out in the field,
   are not the correct model, and may cause severe damage to your
   laser. They were not intended to be used with this model laser,
   and we can supply detailed literature upon your request.

2) We have also seen "Laser Pure 40" models with the wrong
   internal components. Which also may cause laser problems.

        To check for the correct component, remove the top lid,
        and remove the side panel from the LP-40 unit.
        (the side that has all the water fittings)
        Locate the stainless steel heat transfer unit.
        The unit should have the model # CB26-90H,
        if it does not, please contact us.

We have only seen these problems, on systems with dates prior to

If you have questions, or need more info, please contact us:

Laser Innovations
(805) 529-5864 tel
          6621 fax

Best regards,

Eric King

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