STL files and netiquette

From: Nemeth Karoly MEE (Nemeth.Karoly@DRAEXLMAIER.DE)
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 09:51:30 EET

Dear Mr. Lavigne and List,

I must apologize abut my last very brief letter regarding the possibility to
download some STL files. A couple of days ago a asked for the description of
the binary STL files for software building purposes (02.24 - binary STL
format), so I tought it was obvious that I needed the files for testing.
I am an engineer, but I also make some research on the field of RP. My
special interests are: adaptive slicing and build time estimation. Here in
Hungary the RP technology is not yet well known (as far as I know, there is
only one LOM installed in the country), but my company plan to buy a

And thanks for the tips (Elaine Hunt, Petter Sahlin, Christian Lavigne,
Frankie Kwok).

Karoly NEMETH MEE Bt. Hungary
Mechanical Engineer Group Draexlmaier
Development Interieur H-2030 Erd, Turul u. 10.
Tel.: +36/23 521-063 Fax.: +36/23 521-051

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