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From: Marshall Burns (Marshall@Ennex.com)
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 13:32:37 EET

Dear RP world,

    On February 22, Glenn Whiteside posted a message here with an idea about
the use of fabbers for design of food and medicinal products. This led to a
number of responses about actual and hypothetical applications in both
prototyping and fabrication of actual edible products. Like the "Check This
Out" debate, I found this to be a fascinating thread, so I again collected
all the messages and posted them on our Web site. You can check it out at

    This time I have not contacted all of the message authors to ask for
permission. Since all of the messages were posted on the public medium of
the RP-ML, I am assuming permission to publish. If anyone disagrees, please
let me know and your message will be removed.

    By the way, some people have reported problems finding the Check This
Out debate. If you are typing the Web address into your browser, please note
that everything after the ".com" is case sensitive, i.e. you have to get all
the capitals and lower case right. The correct address is

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