Re: Laser Sintering of Ceramics Extends Rapid Prototying

From: Peter Stierlen (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 16:09:54 EET

Dear Allan, Dear RP world

we also developed a SiSiC process here at the IKP-University of
Stuttgart in cooperation with the DLR Stuttgart. You can find a paper in
the 1998 Austin-SFF proceedings. In contrast to the IWS-process we use
additional binders for a better "green part" strength. We infiltrate the
porous laser sintered structure with a precursor resin. Both, the binder
polymer and the infiltrated precursor become carbonized in a autoclave
process. After carbonization of the binder, the porous C/SiC structure
is infiltrated with silicon. The residual carbon of the polymers reacts
with the silicon and what we get is secondary SiC.
The IWS-process can be used for filigree structures. The IKP process can
be used for bigger parts which are difficult to handle in green part


Peter Stierlen


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