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Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 18:03:40 EET

     you wrote:
>Isn't it also possible that R & D would be the LAST thing to
>suffer? Manufacturers, even though strapped for cash in a
>deflationary period, still have to compete for market share in
>order to survive, and I think that entails R & D.
     You seem to be confusing logic with business acumen.
     From my own point of view, here is very little pure research and
     development going on in industry in the USA. In many cases, any
     project that does not show signs of a payback this year will be killed
     or at least shelved with a downturn in business.
     Wall street does not reward the company that reinvests its profits in
     R&D, if it did, than we would have a predictable market.
     To serve the short sighted stock investors of today, it is necessary
     to show that you are returning the greatest portion of your earnings
     to the market as either immediate improvements in sales/market-share
     or in hype about the products or services you offer.
     There seems to be no logic to the current market. The correct spin is
     all it takes to boost stock values.
     I would love to here from the business majors out there on this.
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