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From: Kevin Liles (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 17:34:27 EET

Dear RP world,
                             I would like some advice.
I was the Stereolithography Manager at Formation and I have over 4 years experience running SLA machines. I have recently been made redundant since ARRK took over.
I am very keen to put my experience and knowledge to good use and I am considering becoming an SLA consultant to help and train new and existing users get the most from their machines, optimise parameters, solve problems such as blade crashes and maybe even just run the machines to cover for holidays or sickness.

Is there a market in the UK and Europe for me to do this?
Any feedback would be gratefully excepted.
Best Regards,
                        Kevin Liles
Mobile: 07970 547059
Fax: 07971 618531

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