Re: Tensile streght and pressure strenght of keltool ?

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 19:36:59 EET

At 04:08 PM 3/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Has anyone done tests o.e. so he/she knows the tensile strenght and pressure
>strenght of keltool ?
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I will try to get specific answers for you. But from the nature of your
question, I'll take it that you are wondering what kind of molding pressures
are compatible with 3D Keltool.

General answer will be: same as with those for P20. A side benefit is that
there's about a 30% advantage in thermal conductivity using 3D Keltool.

Give me some more specifics on your application and I'll try to find the
best answer.


Brad Fox
Rapid Tooling Technologies

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