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Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 19:33:24 EET

>I will shortly be making a presentation using power-point to a group of
>designers on RP and wonder if any kind person would let me use any of their
>interesting colourful slides. Has anyone got anything on how STL works,
>had a look through a couple of web-sites but to no avail.

Dear David,

    We have a Web page with schematics of most of the commercial processes
on the market today. It is and it
goes along with the text descriptions found at You can have
permission to include these drawings in your presentation on a one-time
basis at no change on two conditions, (a) that you include the copyright
legend in the images and you don't modify the images, and (b) that your
presentation is not being given for a fee. Best of luck with your

Marshall Burns

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