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From: Paul Lasman (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 22:51:46 EET

Thanks to all who responded to my original post via email and phone, it
shows just
how valuable this forum is.

After forwrding some of the info I received to my customer this is his

If you feel that you can provide the material and properties requested send
an email and I'll respond with a 20k zip file containing the .Stl file.

Thanks again to everyone.

>Thanks for the response. Pretty much what I need is either a plastic or
>nylon prototype of the following part.
> <<2639d.stl>>
>The material needs to be rated at 196 degrees. The plastic or nylon needs
>to be a lot less brittle than the SLA material and I need the part to be
>The only thing that I know about urethane parts is that prototype houses
>tend to use this process when a customer needs a greater quantity of
>prototypes. Since I only need one, I don't think that this would be an
>I have no idea what FDM parts are and I've never heard of LOM plastic.

>Please keep me informed and if you can get me a quote based on the data I've
>given you that would be great.

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