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Sometimes even a single cast urethane part can be done cost effectively.  If
you can design the two mold halves that will produce the part, then build them on Actua, you can
yield one or more parts of excellent quality with the desired material properties.  This can be much
faster than building the RP pattern and a rubber mold from that. 
I hope this helps.
>> <<2639d.stl>>
>>The material needs to be rated at 196 degrees.  The plastic or nylon needs
>>to be a lot less brittle than the SLA material and I need the part to be
>>The only thing that I know about urethane parts is that prototype houses
>>tend to use this process when a customer needs a greater quantity of
>>prototypes.  Since I only need one, I don't think that this would be an
>>I have no idea what FDM parts are and I've never heard of LOM plastic.
>>Please keep me informed and if you can get me a quote based on the data I've
>>given you that would be great.
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