3-D Monitor?

From: BUDELSKY@aol.com
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 20:48:17 EET

Hello List,
   I just received the latest issue of Design News magazine and there is a
small article about a new three dimensional stereoscopic monitor. The monitor
is made by Dimension Technologies and claims to create a true 3-D image that
doesn't require 3D goggles. The screen size is only 12.1 inches but this
could be an excellent visualization tool to view a model before it is
prototyped. Does anyone have any more information about this monitor or any
sources that I might contact for further info? To quote the president of
Dimension Technologies "The image jumps off the screen and bites you on the
end of the nose". Fascinating.

-Stephen Budelsky, IDSA
 Product Designer
 Clairson International
 Ocala, FL USA

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