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Here's an article on 3-D monitor dated 1997 for yr information.

A 3D LCD--No Glasses or Headset Required

by Yardena Arar, PC World
November 18, 1997

 LAS VEGAS--Most 3D displays require use of special headgear or glasses to
create the illusion of depth. But the DTI 2012 XL Virtual Window flat panel
display needs only a little software help to make 3D objects--single images
or full-motion video--spring out of the screen.

Introduced at Comdex by Rochester, New York-based Dimension Technologies,
the 12.1-inch active-matrix 1024-by-768 LCD monitor uses special flat-panel
backlight technology to show simultaneous right- and left-eye versions of a
3D image that the eye perceives as having depth.

The stereoscopic imaging technology to generate the two versions is built
into the Macintosh OS, but special drivers must be installed for Windows 95.
The company says these drivers will be incorporated into Windows 98. Once
the drivers are installed, however, the display will work with any 3D
graphics application; it can also be switched to a 2D mode for applications
that don't require or look good in 3D.

Drawbacks include a relatively narrow viewing field of about 90 degrees (45
in either direction). If you move out of range, the images start to look
fuzzy. The price is also extremely steep--around $9000 for a single unit,
but as low as $5000 for purchases in quantity. DTI expects the unit to be
attractive for a number of specialized uses, including microscopy, robotics
(which allow you to see remote events in surroundings unfit for humans), and


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