From: Spencer Onuh (sonuh@usa.net)
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999 - 15:38:08 EET

A client is interested in purchasing an RP eyetem but wants to visit and see
the systems in UK. If any of the vendors is reading this posting, could you
let me have your contact details please as soon as possible.
If any reader knows any contact address, It will be appreciated if you could
please get in touch with me with the details.
Thank you.

Spencer .O. Onuh (Ph.D)
Department of Engineering
University of Wales College, Newport
Allt-yr-yn Campus
P.O. Box 180
Newport. NP9 5XR
United Kingdom
Tel. +44(1633)-432-376
Fax. +44(1633)-432-430
email sonuh@usa.net

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