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Date: Sat Mar 13 1999 - 20:18:14 EET

Puneet Tandon wrote:
> Hello RP list
> We have Cubital's SGC machine and we uses photopolymers X611 (previously
> G5601) supplied by the Cubital Inc. The strength of these photopolymers is
> very poor and components made by it break upon slight application of the load.
> Can anybody help me in suggesting ways to improve the strength of the these
> photopolymeric materials? Also can you supply the values of physical
> properties of these materials?
> ........

Puneet, the polymer you are using does have very poor mechanical
If it is possible, I would highly recommend that you change over to
XA7501 photopolymer. It is still an acrylate resin, but it is much
and easier to work with. The number of broken parts has reduced and the
usability of parts has increased since we moved away from the G5601

I do not have the properties of the G5601 resin in my files any longer,
I'm sure Cubital could provide you with that information. However, if
are interested, here are the properties of the XA7501 as supplied by

Elastic Modulus @ 25C, 50%RH, MPa ---------------- 700
Tensile Strength, MPa --------------------------- 31
Elongation at break, % -------------------------- 20
Impact Strength (Notch Isod), J/m --------------- 30
Linear Shrinkage, % ----------------------------- 0.10
Creep @ 25C, 24 hour, mm ------------------------ 6
Creep @ 40C, 30 min, mm ------------------------- 16
Moisture Sensitivity:
  Elastic Modulus MPa (after 1 week in water @25C) 540

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