SGI NT workstations

Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 02:29:41 EET

A couple months ago someone inquired on the RP-ML about the new SGI-NT
workstations. If anyone had seen them and if they were any good. I replied and
said we had just ordered 6 320 workstations and I was very impressed with
what I had seen at the product release seminar. I stated in my posting that as
soon as I get the workstations in I would let everyone know if they are
worthwhile. Its been 9 weeks now and we still havn't recieved our computers.
They are telling us we may get them in April sometime (no promises). What gets
me is they are now offering Pentium III systems for less than we are paying
for the Pentium II systems we have on order. With deliveries of less that 4
weeks. My company is not new to SGI we have dozens of SGI computers in house,
most of which cost more than $25K. I DO NOT recommend anyone to follow the
same path I did. I hope I didn't convince anyone one way or another to
purchase one of these workstations based on my earlier posting. If I did I
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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