RE: disposal of empty resin can

Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 13:01:07 EET

Most of the materials used in the RP processes are classed as

"Hazardous" and therefore resins requiring disposal are classified as

"Special Waste".

Disposal of waste is expensive and to keep costs to a minimum, we

segregate all containers. Containers are inverted and drained for a

minimum of 24 hours which guarantees them to be 'empty'. They can then

be crushed to reduce space requirements for storage prior to disposal.

Once this has been done they can be disposed of as 'Nuisance Waste'

which the disposal company charges around 5.00 per large 'bin-liner'.

This is significantly cheaper than dealing with it as special waste.

The above actions were specified by the company that Rover Group

employs to dispose of hazardous materials and complies with all current

U.K. legislation.


Phil Price
Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
Rover Group
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Dear RP community:

I would like to get some advise as how to dispose the empty Cibatool

cans. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Tien-Min Gabriel Chu DDS PhD
Materials Science and Engineering

University of Michigan

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